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Amigos del

Hogar Rafael Ayau

Queridos amigos,

Agradecemos a todos los que continúan apoyándonos.

¡Ustedes y sus familias están en nuestros pensamientos y oraciones!

Join the FHRA(501c) support the charities and mission work of the Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Guatemala, Central America.

Your financial help is valuable as TOGETHER we share our blessings and promote productive and better lives for those in need of assistance.

🔹Mission Work - enhancing the growth of Orthodoxy in Guatemala 

🔹Publications - Translations of Orthodox Liturgical Services and Literature into Spanish

🔹Iconography - Sponsorship in Programs and Annual Workshops 

🔹UOMAC - the Online University for Hispanics, an affordable education opportunity!

🔹Housing Assistance - to some Young Adults who were former HomeKids of the Orphanage 

🔹General Needs

Your help TODAY builds a BETTER TOMORROW !!! 

🔵 You may send your check  donation to:
939 W. North Avenue, Suite 750
Chicago, IL. 60642 USA
🔵 or You may send your donation online 

La FHRA es una organización benéfica que ayuda a los ex residentes del Orfanato Hogar Rafael Ayau y a otros niños y jóvenes guatemaltecos.

La FHRA también es reconocida como una organización benéfica líder en GUIDESTAR.

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